Completion stage

Building completion

All apartments are offered to the stage of completion – cement stucco and plaster /without finishing/

  • Entrance doors: Armored.
  • Flooring: Cement screed.
  • Walls and ceilings: Gypsum plaster/putty.
  • Terrace and balcony flooring: Double-layer granite tiles.
  • Balcony and terrace railings: Glass and metal according to the approved architectural project.
  • Aluminum window frames: Profiles, in color according to the architectural project, double glazing.
  • Low-voltage installations: Cabling for intercom, telephone, TV, internet.
  • Plumbing installations: Water supply – with ecological and sustainable polypropylene pipes (PP-R) and installed water meters with remote reading, thermally insulated with microporous rubber, sewage – polypropylene (PP) pipes, gravity-fed.
  • Internal electrical installations: Installed apartment panel.
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete monolithic structure with a reinforced concrete skeleton of beams and columns. Canopies on terraces on the upper floors.
  • Facade walls: 25cm walls made of Porotherm ceramic bricks. 12cm thermal insulation layer of stone mineral wool and cladding made of composite panel.
  • Balconies: Thermal insulation, waterproofing, and frost-resistant anti-slip granite tiles. Openwork glass and metal railing.
  • Windows: Double glazing, transparent glass.
  • Entrance doors: Armored. 
  • External thermal insulation: 12cm stone mineral wool on external walls.
  • Roof: Reinforced concrete structure. XPS thermal insulation. Vapor barrier. Two layers of waterproofing, the second with a topping.
  • Water supply installation: Polypropylene pipes. Ventilation in the bathrooms – with PVC pipes reaching the roof level.
  • Electrical installation: Central electrical panel with installed electricity meter. Cabling for power installations, lighting, outlets and switches, doorbell and intercom installation.
  • HVAC installations: Multi-split system with a built-in pipe path to each apartment and inside the apartments to the location of the internal units.
  • Common areas: Floors made of granite tiles. Walls with finishing paint according to the project. Stairs made of granite tiles. Ceiling with finishing paint according to the project.
  • Elevators Orona: Two elevators (one in each entrance). Speed of 1 m/sec. Compliant with the regulations for accessible environment. Cabin width 110cm, depth 140cm. Central cabin doors, automatic opening (with two panels), door size 90/200cm.

Ventilated facade made of composite material. 12cm thermal insulation of stone mineral wool. All downpipes on the building are concealed under the etalbond cladding.

  • Staircase railing: Metal railings with vertical elements for safety.
  • Terraces: Frost-resistant anti-slip granite tiles on a double-layer base.
  • Staircases and corridors: Granite tiles.
  • Walls in common areas: Fine putty and paint in color according to the project.
  • Ceilings in common areas: Gypsum plaster. Suspended ceiling according to the project.

Infrastructure completion

  • Landscaping: Sustainable and self-sustaining plant species.

  • Access to the property: Provided access from the north via a dead-end street. Parking for 13 cars. Access to the beach via a pedestrian alley.

  • Playground: Located in the eastern corner of the property. Two approaches from the pedestrian alleys. Illuminated and fenced.

  • Recreation area: Located in the southeastern part of the yard. Tables and seating areas are provided. Covered for sun protection.

  • Entrance/exit: Two entrances/exits from northeast and southwest. The property has an openwork fence allowing visibility. Access control and intercom system provided. Illuminated alleys and fence.

    Additional Benefits/Energy Characteristics:

    *Pre-built duct paths for air conditioners to the position of the air conditioners.

    *Lamps on terraces, illuminated yard, and access control at the entrances to the building.

    Maintenance: Maintenance of the building will be carried out according to the Law on Condominium Ownership.

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